Why Hire a Professional DJ with a Photobooth ?

Why a DJ and photobooth for your special event is a must

The first things you usually plan for any special event are the venue, catering service and the décor. Most likely the last thing that gets included is the party entertainment. Usually you would settle with just anyone who knows how to host and any friend who has a lot of music on his phone. Professional DJ and hosting is mostly out of the question unless you have a lot of money to spend! But think about this, would you rather have “just another” party or “the” party to remember? Would you rather take the mind off party hosting and entertaining your guest and just let a professional handle it?

Professional mobile DJ for the best beats and the best service

Imagine this; it’s your wedding and you “assigned” your fun cousin to host your party. But during the reception, he forgets and drinks. As he loses control, his hosting prowess loses its luster. Your lovely wedding turns into a disaster only because you decided to save on hosting and DJ fees.

DJs have the best beats, the latest equipment and the skills to host your party or event professionally. On a wedding, he can play your favorite tunes, start a toast, introduce your guests and wrap up the night with a memorable tune for your first romantic dance as newlyweds. No hassles at all.

For a homecoming dance or prom night, a DJ will play the best tunes and keep everyone on their toes. He will direct the mood of the evening and keep everyone dancing and grooving for a night to remember forever.

Aside from weddings and proms, a professional mobile DJ is your best choice for a memorable sweet 16 party, kid’s party, school parties, bar mitzvahs, adult parties, corporate events and more. There are also DJ services that come with an open-air photobooth service. You can easily take photo souvenirs with friends and family to make this a one-of-a-kind fun event. Photobooths are very popular and mostly used in corporate events, school events, birthdays, sweet 16 celebrations and more. Don’t forget to celebrate with a DJ and a photobooth on your next special event. .

So make your next event something that you and your guests will truly remember. Use a professional mobile DJ service to make your day truly fun and exciting for everyone.

“I think the music in itself was very professionally kept, plus that photobooth was a smash hit with our customers. It’s a nice feeling having you guys at our main store on special events. No matter what culture or walk of life we’re from, everyone loves music.”

Steven Russo , Vice President North East Retail Clothing

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